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Flash Tanks

We design and supply three different models of flash tanks depending on their application:

  • start-up flash tanks for boilers,
  • blowdown flash tanks,
  • draining flash tanks.

The separating capacity of classic flash tanks is 95 per cent of droplets exceeding 30 micrometres in diameter. To meet the requirements for lower water content in emission steam, the assemblies can be supplemented with special built-in devices, demister or coupled with pressure system (see below).

Production series are defined by body diameter from 600 mm to 3,200 mm, the capacity of standard inlet ranges between 0 and 200 kg/s of input water.

Flash tanks can be pressure-less, with outlets for steam emitted into atmosphere, or pressure units using waste heat, where the steam outlet is connected to the feed tank and heat from condensate can be utilised in exchangers.

To minimise the loss of energy and water from start-up flash tanks, we provide the design of entire system comprising Flash tanks – Blowoff – Condensate Tank. Slight overpressure in the system (approx. 0.2 – 0.7bar) can be convenient in certain cases. That helps reduce the volume of steam flashed, which is choked in the integrated noise silencer when emitted to the atmosphere. Saturated wet steam is slightly overheated during expansion and the escape of water droplets into atmosphere is reduced.

Our flash tanks with additional cooling by injection water help reduce vaporisation above the roof.

Catalogue Sheets of Flash Tanks