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Review of Assemblies

To simplify identification of products from our catalogue, we have established model assemblies that comply with requirements applicable to functioning of the fittings as a whole. Selection of parts and the internal structure of each assembly enable the fittings comply with all the main functioning requirements set forth in various global standards and applications in this field. Model assemblies have been through long-term verification in operation and thus we do not recommend any modifications or different applications of components in any assemblies non-compliant with the relevant standards.

Review of standard piping support assemblies:

  • spring hangers and supports,
  • rigid hangers,
  • slide supports and guides,
  • rigid struts,
  • fixed points and restraints,
  • roller and low friction supports.

Review of assembly classification per piping material:

  • steel piping,
  • plastic and fibre-glass piping,
  • cryogenic piping.

Standard features can be combined into various convenient assemblies with desired functionalities, e.g. slide support or guided support. Combination of particular features into an assembly is defined by principles and recommendations stated in the catalogue.