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Piping Supports

We design and manufacture supports and hangers for industrial piping for these applications:

  • piping for thermal and nuclear power plants,
  • piping for steam boilers,
  • oil and gas processing industry,
  • chemical and metallurgical industries,
  • heat distribution piping.

Our customers have the opportunity to choose from 50 models of either rigid or spring-loaded assemblies of supports or hangers, which are formed using more than 150 standard parts from serial production. We also supply customized assemblies manufactured on special request.

The term "piping supports" defines any assembly and mechanical feature, as supports or hangers, which connect tube or other parts of piping with the base structure. The primary function of piping supports is to keep the piping in required position:

  • by transmission of weight onto structure,
  • by transmission of internal and external forces from the piping to structure,
  • by reduction of piping displacements during operation or installation due to internal or external forces or linear expansion; that is along at least one of the three direction and at least one of the three different tilt settings,
  • protection of pipe surface from damages,
  • protection of pipe insulation.