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Duct Systems and Stack Dampers

We supply duct systems and air ducts made of carbon a low-alloy steel with configurations specified below:

  • with outer insulation – sheet thickness 4 – 8 mm, temperature up to 500°C,
  • with internal insulation – liner thickness 2 – 2.5 mm, combustion product temperature up to 750°C.

Delivery and installation of ducts will be provided with optimal design including detail engineering.

Channels of any shape – circular, square channels, diffusers, transitions, blade bends etc. Channel clearance from 400 mm to 10,000 mm.

We also design and deliver special hangers for channels and expansion pieces.

Materials used: S235JR, P265GH, 16Mo3, 1.4541, 1.4828.

Stack Dampers

Stack dampers with circular cross-section with electric drive for waste heat boilers provided with safety blade opening.

These valves are designed to protect the boiler from rainwater during downtime or heating backup.

Items supplied in diameters from 2 m to 10 m. Double-shaft design with single drive for diameters up to 5.8 m, higher clearance are supplied as four-shaft design with two drives. Non-insulated version for exhaust gas temperature up to 150-180°C, applications in higher temperature range require valves with internal insulation and stainless liner.

Valves are usually delivered as two or four modules for easy assembly.